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The Rut Podcast

Anybody and everybody can find themselves in a rut. The Rut Podcast will bring you a range of stories from a variety of guests and focus on what it was like being in their rut and more importantly, how they got out of it.


“The people I look up to don’t suffer, so I shouldn’t either!”


As kids; role models are ingrained into us like Demi-gods. It's often sportsmen; big tough guys who seem like they have a handle on everything. Sometimes it’s your grandad who cracks jokes about the blitz and his tour in Egypt like they were holidays. Your dad… who was always your family’s rock.


Our role models are invincible, bulletproof and we aspire to follow in their brave, silent or joke-cracking footsteps.


The narrative is slowly changing, we're starting to admire vulnerability as the new bravery.


Spreading stories from behind the closed doors of boardrooms and professional locker rooms (and some from closer to home) in this new podcast, The Rut!


Stories like these are invaluable, it’s seems silly but when you see a big, tough guy being vulnerable; you feel like you can talk too!


The stories are grounded, emotional and are already inspiring men to open up.... A few brave guys have stepped up and openly shared their stories as part of the podcast.


Talking saves lives! And now listening might too….


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The Rut Podcast


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